Table 1

Sample composition, sequencing information and COI recovery rates of the bulk insect sample
Number of Individuals 73
Number of COI barcodes obtained 69
Number of MOTUs (2%) 37
Raw data size (Gb) 15.5
High quality data size (Gb) 13.2
Discovery rate (with reference) 97%
Discovery rate (no reference) 92%
Assembly coverage rate (% MT genomes) 74%
Total length and percentage of COI genes 1 51,768 (96%)
Number of assembled mitochondrial genes 2 613

1 The total length (bp) of assembled COI genes and the percentage of assembled COI sequences for 37 full-length COI genes (~ 1,530 bp for each species).

2 Note that a small portion of the genes were assembled into two scaffolds.

Zhou et al.

Zhou et al. GigaScience 2013 2:4   doi:10.1186/2047-217X-2-4

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